With Imported RO Plant

Pristine Water uses the latest reverse osmosis technology imported from the USA. Our facility is available 24 hours per day and can be scheduled during off hours by appointment. In the unlikely event that load shedding occurs, we do not hesitate to use our generator for the fastest production possible. With imported food-grade minerals we have developed one of the smoothest tasting drinking water products in all of Karachi. Money back guarantee. 


With Internet-based SOftware

With the latest internet-based accounting software, we can help make sure you are getting the products you need at the price and quantity that you request. Daily reconciliation of wholesale accounts helps you manage your business and keep your customers satisfied. 


with taste and convenience no one can match

Pristine Water provides some of the best customer service and great tasting drinking water at a price that is rarely matched in Karachi.

Community Health Outreach with Mothers and Children.

Umer Khan, Pristine General Manager