Affordable For Every person

Pristine Drinking Water is for everyone. No matter where you live or how much money you make, our water is affordable. Pristine Water is the highest quality drinking water in Karachi for only a fraction of the cost of the most premium brands. 

Humans are worth it! No matter where your village is located or the status of your family or your education, everyone in Karachi deserves to have affordable drinking water every single day of their life. 

Retail Store

Pristine empowers and capitalizes local retail entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to own their own water store business.

Home Delivery 

Pristine empowers local distribution entrepreneurs to deliver drinking water to hard to reach places deep within urban sprawl.

Wholesale Dukandar

Pristine has distributed water to over 500 independent shops managed by enterprising small business owners affectionately known as Dukandars.